Facts Worth Knowing About WES

General Information About WES

World Education Service (WES) is a non-benefit association that assesses scholastic accreditations for individuals who wish to work or concentrate in the US of America (USA) or Canada. Their assessments are generally perceived by in excess of 2,500 instructive, business, and administrative organizations all through the USA and Canada. A qualification assessment is a correlation of your scholastic achievements to principles in the USA or Canada. This report assists foundations with loving schools, bosses, permitting sheets, or movement specialists better comprehend your instructive foundation.

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It is a 501(c)3 non-benefit social undertaking committed to aiding worldwide understudies, migrants, and displaced people accomplish their instructive and vocation objectives in the U.S. what’s more, Canada. It assesses global instructive capabilities, underpins the coordination of outsiders into the labor force, and gives charitable financing to settler serving associations. Since 1974, it has given certification assessments to almost 3,000,000 people from in excess of 200 nations.

WES.org Login

You can log in to your profile through this link>>>>>>>>https://applications.wes.org/createaccount/login/login

WES.org Contact Us

In case you are stick in your application process and you need clarifications, you can contact it through its official contact page here >>>>>>>>>https://www.wes.org/contact-us/

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is the Current WES Evaluation FEE?

A. As at the writing of this, evaluation fee is about 230 CAD. Depending on the type of delivery service you choose, about 20-30 CAD extra charges apply

Q. Can I send ‘To Whom It May Concern’ or ‘Notification of Result’ to WES in place of my Certificate?

A. No. it accepts only your transcript and your Certificate or a Statement of Result

Q. Do I have to Request for the Physical copy of my Evaluation?

A. It is not necessary as you will only need to upload the digital copy to your EE profile

Q. How Do I know That My Transcript has been Received by World Education Service?

A. As soon as your transcript is received by it, it will be updated on your profile. This usually takes about two to three weeks.

Q. Are there other evaluation bodies aside World Education Service?

A. Yes, WES is just the most known and widely used one.

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