How Much Is UK Visa Fee From Nigeria?

Knowing how much UK visa fee from Nigeria is very important. This is a crucial part of the financial planning you will have to make with regards to traveling to the UK. While it is not the only cost that a student or any other person will incur, it certainly makes a significant part of the total expense.

There are myriads of UK visa fees for different categories depending on the location of the applicant and the purpose. However, this article will focus on the Visa fee from Nigeria that applies to Students and Skilled workers. It is important to know the cost of the fees before you decide to apply.

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The quoted fees is usually in pounds sterling and you should take into consideration naira to pounds exchange rate. You must ensure that you get the conversion from naira to pounds right so that your application will not be rejected.

The UK visa application form is mainly done online. The reason why you need to know the fee ahead and be ready to pay is that you cannot proceed to submission without payment.

Immigration Health Surcharge Fee (IHS)

This is a mandatory payment added to all UK visa applicants applying for leave for over 6 months. This means if you are going to be staying in the UK for more than 6 months, the immigration health surcharge fee will be part of your UK visa fee. This fee is so that you can have access to the health care services i.e the NHS while you stay in the UK.

IHS Charge is 470 Pounds each year. This was increased from 200 pounds in October 2020.

Calculate how much your IHS cost will be HERE

UK Visa Application Fee

UK Visa Applcation Fee costs 349 Pounds.

TB Test Fee

As at the writing of this post, it is 57,800 Naira. However you will need to check for bookings, cost and updated information at the UK Governments official website HERE

You will be required to do tuberculosis test here in Nigeria and be certified free before your visa application can be approved. This Test is done at IOM in Lagos, Nigeria.

Optional Processing Service Fees

Priority : 220 Pounds. This will fast track your visa processing within 5 working days.

The above cost breakdown will give you an idea of how much UK Visa fee from Nigeria is.

If you need to pay with naira from Nigeria, you need to find out the current exchange rate and use it to determine how much of Naira you will need to be equivalent to 819 Pounds.

As at the writing of this article, 1 Pounds is 528 naira. You can check the currency converter at the side of this post (desktop) or at the bottom (mobile)

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