NPower Build Recruitment 2021 Application Registration Form Portal

NPower Build Recruitment 2021 Application Registration Form Portal

NPower Build 2021 has started, once you have at least your O’level result, you are eligible to apply for it and also that you are a Nigeria with evidence. If you want to know how to apply for this NPower Build, make sure you read this to the end.

Npower Build 2021 has begun already. You will find the registration requirements, the portal and the procedures involved in submitting your application online from the comfort of your home and without having to pay anybody to do it.

What is NPower Build Recruitment 2021?

This is an accelerated training and certification program that the federal Government of Nigeria has put in place to train and harness unemployed but hardworking Nigerian youths.  The purpose is to raise a generation of young people that are highly skilled in professional services and are self-employed. 

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The Federal Government through the NPower Build Portal opened up the opportunity for young Nigerians to enroll.  Through the online portal, the trades that will be focused on include the following:

  • Aluminium and Gas
  • Utilities
  • Automotive
  • Environmental Services
  • Building Services
  • Construction

The purpose of NPower and its tool, NBuild is to provide jobs and capacity development for the youths. The federal Government of Nigeria has made commitment to this programme and is determined to get

it done.  The programme only considers Nigerian citizens between the age of 18 and 35.

The expected duration of the programme is 3 months from the commencement date.

Below are the criteria for selection of youths:

  • Unemployed
  • Between the age of 18 and 35
  • Low/No Academic Qualification
  • Have Interest in Being Self-employed and willing to learning crafts.

How To Apply for NPower Build Recruitment 2021

Applicants or any one interested in this programme are to note that the process is free and without any form of payment.  Applicants are to read and understand all pertinent details given in the guideline for application.  Take note of these steps

  • Applicants will need their Bank Verification number (BVN). Make sure you have the correct BVN with you and a recent passport photograph
  • Visit the application portal and read the terms and conditions of the NPower programme and accept the them where necessary.
  • You will need to enter your 11-digit BVN with your three names (surname,middle name, and first name) as you have them on your BVN details. You will also need to enter your correct bank details.
  • Once you entered the required and accurate personal details as stated above, you will be allowed to proceed to the application portal where you will enter more personal details. Once you finish doing this, you will obtain a unique NPower ID number.

You can click here to apply

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