Working in Ireland as a Nurse: What To Expect

While working in Ireland as a nurse can be exciting and fulfilling, it somethings can come with the pressure of keeping expense below income. If you intend to Immigrate to Ireland or are already there, the following figures should give you an idea of the tax to expect, annual salary, rent among others.


The tax system in Ireland is rather complicated, as each person is assessed individually. You are allowed a (can be up to €1,000 depending on your salary) tax-free allowance every month, and then taxed on anything you earn over this amount. Social insurance will be deducted from your salary. This covers your salary if you are off sick, and entitles you to free medical care if you need to be hospitalised.


Adaptation period nurses are paid a Staff Nurse/Midwife, (Post Qual, Pre-Registration) Salary of €24,361/Annum. Staff Nurse salary (Year 1) starts at €28,483 depending on years of experience the salary scale climbs to up to €43,469.

This applies between 1 – 10 years experience

For further information on salaries please visit

Accommodation can be quite expensive in Dublin; however, it gets less expensive if you move away from the city centre or if you are prepared to share with a group. On average weekly rent is around €250.

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There are websites such as and which are an excellent resource for rental accommodation available around the country. It is also possible to find rental properties through friends or work colleagues and property management centres/local auctioneers.


While working in Ireland as a Nurse, you will need to commute to work everyday so you need to have an idea of the transport system.

Ireland is covered by a rail network run by Iarnród Éireann (Irish Rail), a Bus service to all major towns and cities run by Bús Éireann (Irish Bus) and all major cities have their own urban bus service.


All areas in Dublin are served by Dublin Bus. These are Single and Double Decker buses. They normally run from 0630 to 0030, times vary depending on the route. After these hours there is a restricted Night Bus Service. Bus Services are restricted on a Sunday mornings and Bank Holidays. A timetable can be bought in most Newsagents. There is a route timetable at all major bus stops.

The minimum fare at present is. €0.85 If using the bus frequently monthly and other season tickets can save money. The main bus Station in Dublin is Bus Arás Buses to all areas of the country depart from here. You can also get bus service to Britain from here. (Bus goes on the overnight ferry to Wales), this is a very cheap way of getting to England.

For information on Dublin Bus services call 01 873 4222

For information on all Bus services call 01 836 6111

Dublin Bus


Trains to all areas of the country including Northern Ireland depart Dublin from two main stations:

Huston Station: trains to the West and South West.
Connolly Station: trains to North and South East (including Belfast).
For information on all train services call 01 836 6222

Dublin has no underground rail system, however, there is an urban train that runs around Dublin bay from Bray to Howth known as the DART (Dublin Area Rapid Transport). This is a very pleasant new electric rail system, which runs every 10 – 30 minutes. The Southern part of the line from Tara St Station to Killiney runs along the sea front and tourist and locals alike take a ride to enjoy the scenery.

For information on the DART services call 01 836 6222


Dublin and all major towns and cities in Ireland are covered by a taxi service, however, there can be long queues outside night clubs and bars in the early hours of the morning. Otherwise it is relatively easy to get a taxi.

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As you start your journey towards working in Ireland as a nurse, I wish you success in your plans.

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