How to Immigrate to Canada As a Nurse From Nigeria

Nurses are in high demand in Canada. It is classified as NOC A and the code is 3012.
Qualified nurses are eligible for full permanence residency under the Federal Skilled Worker Immigration program both in the Federal and Provincial Nomination category.

There are three different categories of Nurses in Canada based on their certificate..
They are
Registered Nurse (RN)
Licenced Practical Nurse(LPS)
Registered Psychiatric Nurse(RSN)
If an interested immigrant nurse, you need find out to which of this categories is your nursing qualification equivalent!

Steps To Becoming a Nurse
In Canada from Nigeria
1. Document Evaluation

You will have to evaluate your certificate with WES and with Canadian National Nursing Assessment Service, the professional body in Canada that regulated nursing certification.
This NNAS assessment costs around 650 CAD and it is mandatory for all foreign trained nurses who which to practice nursing in Canada.

Step 2
Take IELTS or TEF and create your Express Entry Profile

Step 3
Provincial Registration Through the Nursing Medical Board in each Province.

Each province has its own regulatory body that assess each candidate.

Step 4
Invitation to sit for the Provincial final nursing exam for full licensing and Registration or an invitation to takr part in a bridging course (Most nurses from Nigeria will go this bridging course). It usually computer-based and online.

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