My IELTS Result and Experience

So I wrote my IELTS some days ago and I decided to share my ielts result and experience with you. It was one of my goals for January 2021 which I held on to tenaciously even when there were distractions here and there. One thing with writing IELTS exams is making up your mind when exactly you intend to write it and never giving yourself any excuse for postponing it.  Well there are legitimate reasons why you may want to postpone your IELTS exams, which I do not doubt.

However, I am of the opinion that if writing and passing IELTS exams is paramount to you, you should definitely make up your mind on when you want to write it and work towards it. Be that as it may, I started preparations about a month to the date but intensified it about 2 weeks to writing it.

I got the materials I used from my brother in law although I also have access to a number of free resources on twitter and in telegram groups.  I think, no one should give excuses for not having materials to prepare for IELTS exam.  I think, the challenge most people face is not having access to materials but the will power to prepare especially if you have to do it alone.  While I prepare for my IELTS exam, I discovered that IELTS tests more than your ability to read and write or your ability to communicate in English. It goes beyond that and I am sure you might have discovered it too.  For example, the reading will test your speed and accuracy.  That is why many candidates complain of not finishing the reading part of the test.

Now back to my experience.  I initially planned to write British Council IELTS but I ended up writing that of IDP, Australia. Later I got to hear from a handful of people why they would prefer writing IDP to British Council IELTS. Their reasons are personal because it was based on personal experiences they and their friends had with British Council which to them were not palatable.

About 4 days to my IDP IELTS, I went to its website to register. I was required to create my profile where I entered a number of details about myself. I was also required to upload the date page of my international passport, which I did. There was an account number on the website, where candidates were required to make a transfer of the money. After transferring my payment, I followed IDP up with my payment evidence which they confirmed about 48 hours later. 

But in between my payment and the receiving of a confirmation, I had to use the chat option on its website to ascertain if I am still on course.  This was because it was 48 hours already, the maximum processing time, but had not received confirmations.   The confirmation made me confident and more assured that I am now committed to writing the exam.  Sometimes you may have to make your payment way ahead of time just to secure your commitment to writing the exam.

Not long after this, I got a mail from IDP containing the Scheduled date for my Listening, Reading and Writing. These three tests are conducted the same day at the same venue while the Speaking test is conducted some days before or after the main test. In my case the main test was fixed for a Saturday while the speaking test was fixed to take place the following day. On that Saturday, I was there at least one hour before the scheduled time.

This was necessary because there is a registration you must do prior to going in for the exams. While I sat down waiting the next thing, I discovered everyone was having at least one pencil, eraser and cleaner whereas I was holding a biro.  My face became read and my skin developed goose pimples instantly. I never knew, all the three tests must be written in pencil. I quickly spoke to a colleague of mine who also came for the exams. She confirmed to me that the test must be written in pencil only and advised me to get a pencil immediately.  I quickly approached one of the officials about my ordeal and how I will need a pencil urgently.  Luckily for me, I was met with a warm response which calmed my nerves. Not only was I given a pencil, I was also given a sharpener and an eraser.  I was fully kitted. The lesson I learnt here was to always be detailed in getting information about exams of this nature. But really how I never heard it from anyone before the exam is still a surprise to me.

The moment all of us were registered, we went into the exam hall one after the other.  We had our nose mask on and we also dropped all phones, keys, extra clothing into customized bags. We only took in our international passport and writing materials.  When I approached the desk, I found an infrared headset.  I was like, this is cool.  I had done my listening practice without one. I think using the headset will further enhance the clarity of the audio and my concentration.  The listening test is very critical because for some purposes like migration to Canada, one definitely need to score at least an 8 to have a significant result. To not score up to 8 band is to write the Exam all over again.  I told myself that I must not come to write this exam again.  It is possible to write IELTS once and pass. However, If you have to write it a number of times, It worth it. Like someone said, Write IELTS exam so that your children will not have to write it.

I hope you are geared up to write your IELTS exams and give it all it takes. I want you to acquire the motivation to go all out and write yours having the mind to succeed.  My result is out now I had LRWS, 8,8,7.5,8. At first attempt, I was able to pass it.  You can pass it. Give it your best shot.

I hope my ielts result and experience added value to you. If yes, do share it on your Whatsapp or telegram group.  Subscribe to this blog to receive more of this.

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