How To Relocate To Canada From Nigeria As A Doctor

This will be a comprehensive guide for you if you are planning to relocate to Canada as a Doctor. While the process could be daunting and involving many little details here and thee, I believe you can do it if you make up your mind to give it all it takes. The immigration journey requires persistence and doggedness. I do not doubt your ability to scale through this having scaled through the medical school unscathed.

This definitely will also be a walk over.

Get Your MBBS ECA Report from MCC

Below are the steps involved in getting your Credential evaluating of your MBBS Degree.

 (1)The first thing is to open an account with

2) You fill the form online you will pay registration fees of about $240 maybe  someone in USA/ Canada/ naira master card  can do it for you

(3)After the payment you will have an account with the medical council of Canada

 (4)You will choose your user name and password

(5)After successfully opening an account, you make photocopies of your MBBS and data page of your passport.

(6)There are some forms you download from your account. You fill them following the instructions in passport size etc

(7)You take the photocopied document( mbbs and data page of international passport + the downloaded documents from your acc) to a Notary Public lawyer to affirm his seal or certify the documents (it attracts fee as well)

 (8)The notary public lawyer will certify it following instructions on the documents you downloaded. Be careful to follow instructions on where to write, passport size etc.

(9)Same steps above for your wife( if she is not a doctor her certificate verification will be done via WES) but hers will include marriage certificate (FOR MARRIED PEOPLE)

 (10)After filling and notary public certifying and appending his seal, you courier to MCC the address will be on the forms. The package will be sent to Canada… Use FedEx or dhl (18000).

N:B: document packages are opened within one week of being received by the MCC.

(11)MCC after receiving will notify you via your account. 

12) Your documents are scanned into your account and this step can take up to 1 week to complete. U will be notified as well

13) your documents are reviewed by MCC staff. This can take up to 2 weeks and u will be notified once is completed.

14) They will send your mbbs to EFCMG ( u will be notified as well by checking the update on ur physicianapply page. To know the update of your processing, go to ur page on physician apply page>>>>>  click on DOCUMENTS>>>>>> u will see ur medial certificate ,international passport etc….. you will see that out of the 4, three has been ticked green except the degree cert. Click it and you will see history on the top right corner. Once you click the history, you will know what stage your degree verification is at) .

N:B it can take up to 5days, after receiving the copies of your medical credentials, for the ECFMG to send your medical credentials to the institution….

 15) The ecfmg will now send your medical degree to  Dean of Medicine in medical school where you obtained your MBBS to verify and  certify. You will have the no of the dean’s secretary so you monitor when the letter gets to dean so you can urge them to be fast. (You pay your school certain fee for processing). The fee is around 75,000 naira made payable via remita. Also ensure that all your annual practicising license fee are up to date.

Here is a contact at MDCN for more info: Mr Hamzat: 08032752525

 (16) once verification certificates that are completed and returned by your school, it could take between 5-10  business days before you see a change in ur document status in your physicianapply page. U will now be notified on via ur email.

17) After this whole process you get an ECA. The ECA has a number so the ECA number and your ielts English test exam results will be used to register for the Canada Express Entry program.

(18) After successful verification, your ECA wil now be will pay $106 for it and $148 for courier ( thats $254- approx 73k).

 Now to enter or apply for Canada Express Entry:

You need 3 nos

1) ECA no this you get after certificate verification

2) IELTS English test result no

3) international passport no

👇🏿below is a summary

1) Open acc/ register with Medical council of canada

2) pay with GTBANK mastercard or somebody abroad pays for you.

3) Download forms ie from your acc fill and also photocopy data page of passport and photocopy of MBBS.

4) sign and take to notary public lawyer to certify.

5) after certification send to MCC

6) MCC will send your MBBS for verification, you pay for that.

7) degree will be sent to your dean so one got to monitor when it arrives at your medical school

8) after successful verification , u get ur ECA


To relocate to Canada as a doctor requires funding above average day to day personal projects. So you have got to read this to get yourself prepared financially.

All applicants, unless exempt, must show that they have enough money to support themselves and their family in Canada upon immigration. Proof of Funds (PoF) is one of the minimum eligibility requirements for:

-the Federal Skilled Worker Program or
-the Federal Skilled Trades Program
The funds must be available with the applicant, both, when the application for permanent residency is filed and when a permanent resident visa is issued.

If an applicant meets the the program requirements of the Canadian Experience Class (this includes provincial nominees who are part of the CEC stream), they are exempt from the PoF requirement. Also applicants who are authorized to work in Canada and have a valid job offer.

How much money is required to meet the PoF requirement?

The amount of money an applicant needs to support his family is set by the size of an applicant’s family. To calculate the size of a family the following must be included:

-your spouse or partner
-your dependent children and
-your spouse’s dependent children
When calculating the applicant’s family size, applicant’s spouse or dependent children who are permanent residents or Canadian citizens also have to be included, even when they are not named in the application.

The applicants will need to show proof that they have enough money when they apply to immigrate, and again when the application is approved.

If the applicant is unable to demonstrate that they have sufficient funds to meet the requirements, the application is refused.

The current sufficient funds requirements as established by IRCC is:

Number of
Family Members Funds Required
(in Canadian dollars)
1 $12,300
2 $15,312
3 $18,825
4 $22,856
5 $25,923
6 $29,236
7 $32,550
For each additional family member $3,314

NB: Please note that the above is subject to change

How to meet the PoF requirement?
When an applicant is invited to apply for permanent resident, they must give written proof that they have this money and demonstrate that they meet the PoF. All applicants should provide an official letter(s) from one or more financial institutions that lists all current bank and investment accounts as well as outstanding debts, such as credit card debts and loans.

The letter(s) must be printed on the letterhead of the financial institution and must include the applicant’s name, the contact information of the financial institution (address, telephone number and email address), the account numbers, the date each account was opened and the current balance of each account as well as the average balance for the past six months.
Other documents may also be requested, as necessary.
When showing the funds, these cannot be borrowed from another person. This is the intention of IRCC to ask for 6 months average balance. Also, an applicant must be able to use this money to pay the costs of living for his family, even when they non-accompanying.

Showing funds held in joint accounts and spouse’s accounts
If an applicant’s spouse is accompanying, the applicant can show the funds held together in a joint account to meet the PoF requirement. However, to be able to show the funds for meeting the PoF requirement, held in an account under the spouse’s name only, the applicant must prove that they have access to the funds. This can me done by the spouse executing an affidavit affirming that the funds held in the spouse’s account can be used by the applicant for the purpose of meeting the PoF requirements.

Using gift deed to meet PoF requirement
If you are invited to apply, and you cannot meet the PoF requirements, you can consider meeting this by getting the funds in form of a gift. Gift, as defined under law is the “voluntary transfer of property (movable or immovable) from one person (the donor or grantor) to another (the donee or grantee) without full valuable consideration (exchange of money or property), or an expectation of return. When executing the gift deed, it should meet the formalities of the country in which the gift deed is being executed. The gift deed will also overcome the 6 months


You will need to write the International English Language Tests in order to relocate to Canada as a doctor.

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