How To Pay For WES in Nigeria

If you are looking for how to pay for WES in Nigeria and have been so disturbed and time is running out, then this information will be just right for you. One reason for such difficulty is the daily spending limit for foreign denomination that the CBN of Nigeria imposed on debit cards. The maximum amount you can spend using your debit card is $100 whereas WES costs nearly $200 (230 CAD)

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Well, there is always a way and you can trust us to always find a way in this country. Nothing can stop us. Here are some suggestions you can use to pay for WES in Nigeria. You can choose the option that best suits you.

First Option

Ask a Friend, Relative or Acquaintance in Canada to Pay For You in CAD. You can transfer the equivalent of the amount WES require to him or her in installment and after that payment can be made on your behalf from there.

Second Option

Use the Service of Mrs ‘O’, the popular instagram Canadian lady who is well known for her knowledge on Canadian immigration. Her instagram handle is @studywithmrso. You can read about her or follow her on instagram to know more about her service.

Third Option

Get a dollar card or virtual card dominated in dollars. The daily limit on these cards are usually in the range of $1000. This means that you will have to go to the bank and open a domiciliary account. If you don’t have a dollar debit card you can get a friend to help you pay with his while to send him the naira equivalent.

Alternatively you can get a virtual dollar card like a Barter Card. With a virtual online card like barter you can do payment online including WES.

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Hopefully in due time, the limit on daily spend on naira debit cards will be lifted. However, at the moment, the above options hold.

Update: GTB MasterCard has a daily spend limit of $200. This makes it possible to use GTB Master card to pay for WES Evaluation.

Can You Pay Through Western Union?

No you might not be able to able through western union as it is a payment service between individuals and not between an individual and a corporate body.

Once you have been able to sort out the card payment issue, head over to the official portal for the World Education Service where you will do the following processes.

Click the Get An Evaluation Button if you a new user.
  1. On the next page choose where you want to use the evaluation: US or Canada.
  2. On the next page, if you chose Canada, you will be required to choose a WES Standard Application, ECA Application for IRCC (For those relocating) or ECA Application for Agri-Food Pilot
  3. Create a Profile by providing your active email address, password and other details required.
  4. After that, check your mail box for an activation link. Click on the link sent by WES for the activation of your profile.
  5. Sign in to your account using the the username and password you provided in step 4 above.
  6. Choose your preferred service you require from WES. You can choose either to do a Document by Document Evaluation or a Credential Evaluation.
  7. Follow the promptings following and you should be able to tie everything up at the payment page.

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  1. How is payment reconciled when the GTB Dom card is in American dollars and the WES charges of $230 is Canadian dollars?, $230 American dollars is far higher in value than $230 Canadian dollars, its approximately 230 CAD = 183 USD.

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