How To Migrate To Canada as a Pharmacy Technician Student

How To Migrate To Canada as a Pharmacy Technician Student

In recent times, IRCC has shifted its focus from giving invitations to the Federal Skilled Worker category to the Canadian Experience Class and  the Provincial Nomination Program. No thanks to the covid 19 pandemic which most thought had made the Canadian government had a rethink on its usual patten of Invitations in 2020.

Ever since 2021 started, no FSW draw has been made.
While this has definitely affected a number of potential
Immigrant’s plans and anticipations, it has equally created an opportunity for those who qualify for the PNP and CEC route.
This article is written specifically for those who might be looking at the CEC route of becoming of a permanent resident and whom also are interested in studying to become a Pharmacy Technician.
Becoming an international student in a Canada is one of the surest way of getting a PR.

A lot of students now migrate to Canada as a pharmacy technician students especially those who are already a pharmacist in their country. One reason for this is that, being a pharmacist gives the student a background knowledge to scale through the pharmacy technician program easily compared with students who do not have such background. Also quite a number of international pharmacists study to become a technician first so as to prepare them to study and gather enough funds to write the PEBC exam and get licenced as a pharmacist later.

Pharmacy Technician belongs to NOC B which is eligible for CEC application.
It is a 2 year program that gives the student an opportunity to gather Canadian experience and also 20 hours per week work eligibility during school session but up to 40hours during summer or holidays.

Studying a pharmacy technician course gives you the Canadian experience and Canadian Education boost for the CEC draw while you are already in Canada.
With the completion of the pharmacy technician course comes a Post Graduate Work permit during which you can get a job and also apply for Permanent Residence.

How To Apply For Pharmacy Technician Course as An International Student

While there are some agencies and immigration experts who help international students process their documents, the entire process is completely DIY.
If you are interested in processing your pharmacy technician studentship in Canada all by yourself, keep reading this post and make sure you do not skip any line.

  1. Find A School That Offers Pharmacy Technician Course.
    There are a number of  institutions in Each Province that offers the course.
    You must however choose the one included in the Designated Learning Institute list approved by the Canadian government.
    This is important if you intend to get a Post Graduate work permit after your study.

See List of Designated Learning Institute Here

2. Academic Transcript
This could be your secondary school or higher institution transcript.

3. Academic IELTS
I know some of you might be discouraged reading about this. Yes, I know what goes into paying for the exam, preparing for and then passing it. But don’t you worry. Not all Institutions require that you have an IELTS score especially if your education was done in English.

4. International Passport
This is the internationally recognised ID given to you by your country. You can obtain this at the immigration Corp.

5. Application Fee
The application fee required is usually between 75-100 CAD

6. Proof of Funds
This can be in the form of bank statement, certificate of deposit etc.

7. Statement of Purpose
This is a write up showing why you want to study to become a  pharmacy technician in Canada and how you are going to contribute to the values to country hold. The visa officer needs this document to be persuaded to give you a visa.

8. Tuition fee payment proof

You will be required to show proof that you have paid your tuition before you are given a visa.Tuition is usually required in full for the first year. However, it can be by semester in the second year.

Once you gather all your requirements you are good to go with the submission on the school’s website.
After submission wait for the acceptance letter.

If your visa application is denied at the embassy, the institution will either refund you or defer your admission to the semester following it so that you can resolve the issue with your visa application.

You will need the acceptance letter to process your study permit. The duration for the processing of the study permit could take up to 6 months.

Migrating to Canada as a pharmacy technician student is a completely Do-it-yourself. Once you have all the information you need, you are good to go.

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