How To Login to Survival Fund Registration Portal

Through the Survival Fund Registration Portal, the Federal Government of launched a MSME CRM & MIS Platform to coordinate the digital registration, onboarding and management of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises.

The program that is being coordinated through the survival fund registration portal includes Payroll Support, Guaranteed Offtake and MSME Grant. The CRM & MIS Platform will also allow for the inventory management of the Guaranteed Offtake Scheme. This program is part of the Plan, which aims to support and protect these businesses from the potential vulnerabilities brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic.

If you have a business that falls into these category, the good news now is that the Federal Government is giving out support funds. The question now is how do you become a beneficiary of this survival fund? In order for you to benefit from this fund you must first register in the portal

First Step: How To Register on The Survival Fund Registration Portal

  • Click on the ‘START HERE’ button displayed on the homepage, to begin your registration
  • Select ‘Payroll Support Register’ *The MSME Payroll Support Scheme is a survival fund that will make payroll support available to save jobs and sustain local production.*
  • The Head of Business is expected to fill in his/her personal details in this section. *Please ensure that you have access to the mobile phone number and email address that you use for the registration. Use a password you can easily remember.
  • Upon registration, you will receive an activation code on the registered mobile number and email address. You will be prompted to enter the activation code HERE to activate your account. *If you did not receive the activation code, kindly click on ‘Don’t have an activation code’ to resend code again.
  • Account has been successfully activated. Click on ‘Login Here’ to continue.

Second Step: How To Log In To The Portal

  • Login with your registered phone number and password. *If you forgot your password, kindly click on ‘Forgot Password’ to reset your password.

Welcome to your dashboard!
*You can update your residential address, by
clicking on the ‘Update Address’ button on the
*Please note that all requested information must
be submitted here. Do not submit via email!

Click on ‘Manage Organisation’ on the
side menu or on the dashboad to add
your organisation details.
*Please note that the boxes with * are compulsory.
*After flling the information, scroll down and
click on ‘Add Organisation’ to submit.

Click on ‘Manage Account’ on the
side menu or on the dashboard, to add
the organisation’s account detail.
*The Bank Verification Number (BVN), Account
Number and Bank Name. Please make sure the
numbers are correct. Click on ‘Add Account’ to

Click on ‘Manage Employees’ on the side
menu, to add employee details.
*Enter the BVN, Account Number and Bank Name
for a minimum of 3 persons and a maximum of 10

*Enter your employees details in order of
*Upload 3 months ‘Proof of Salary Payment
to Beneficiary Employee’ (2MB maximum file
*Proof of Salary Payment can be your bank
statement, payment advice or pay slips. It
should be a jpeg image or pdf document.
*Compress your document, If the file size is
above 2MB, using, or any other
*Avoid duplicate bank account number
and/or BVN.
*An employee’s account cannot be
registered with two diferent organisation.
*Make sure to double check the details
before submitting it

After lling the employee details.
*Make sure your internet connection is strong
and stable.
*Ensure your browser is up to date.
*Please note that you can not make changes
after submission.
*Click ‘Continue’ to submit.

After you have submitted, you will see a
message that reads –
‘’Verification is being
processed. Please check back in 72
hours. ‘’

You can view your organisation detail and account detail on the dashboard.
*Please check back to monitor the status of your application.
Following verification of the information submitted during your registration and having met the selection criteria, your application will be eligible for payment as specified under the scheme applied for.

We hope you fully grasp How To Login to Survival Fund Registration Portal as explained above. You can also download the complete graphic guide here

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