How To Get A Teaching Job In UAE From Nigeria

Getting a teaching JOB in UAE gives you so much more on many levels compared with what is obtainable here in Nigeria. UAE values education and its teachers. Ita values its teachers just as it does its doctors and nurses.

In UAE a teacher can be paid as much as 6000 Durham monthly. In case you don’t know the value of that. As at the writing of this piece, 1 Durham is equivalent to 131 naira. So do the calculations.

What Are The Requirements For Getting a Teaching Job?

1. You must have a degree in Education.
While Teachers are highly paid in UAE, they must also of necessity have a teaching qualification before they can be qualified to teach.
If you are considering migrating to UAE as a teacher, you need to have a degree in Education. It is is Nigeria that people are employed to teach regardless of whether they have a qualiiciation in education or not.
If you currently have grade 2 certificate or NCE, I will advise you to get a degree because it is the minimum required for getting a job in United Arab Emirates.

2.  At Least 2 Years Teaching Experience
In addition to having a degree in education, you must also have been teaching for 2 years.

3. Curriculum Vitae (CV)
You will need to get your CV in shape highlighting your achievements and other things that can make you stand out.

At most, a two-page is okay. It is not in the length of the CV but in the value. Include your experience, achievements and education from the school certificate level upwards.

4. Attested Certificate
At the moment, certificate is attested only in Abuja, the capital of Nigeria. You will have to travel to Abuja to have this done.
The ministry of education will do your attestation for you. Thereafter, you will proceed to the Ministry of Foreign affairs.
The third stage of evaluation will be at the UAE embassy in Abuja.

5. Letter of Recommendation/Reference
This is a letter your employee in Nigeria will write on your behalf stating how long you have worked with it, the number of hours worked perfectly week, your annual income among other things

6. Letter of Eligibility

How To Find Teaching Jobs in UAE

1. Submit your CV to the Ministry of Education, UAE through it’s official website.

2. Search Google for Schools in UAE. Visit the career section of each school and check out the vacancies. Apply to the ones you can find.
E.g type ‘primary schools in Dubai’
From the list you get, pick the schools one after the other and apply with your CV to the vacancies available.

3. Recruitment Agencies
There are a lot of schools in UAE that make use of recruitment Agencies. They help aspiring migrant qualified teachers to simplify and shorten the job search process.
I will list some of the agencies below that can be of help.

List of Recruitment Agencies For Teachers in UAE

1. Footprints
2. Teach Away
3. Teach Anywhere
4. World Teachers Recruitment
5. International Teachers
6. E-Teach
7. Edvectus
8. Direct Teacher

Once you submit your CV to them, you will likely get a call. They would get the details on your preferences, how soon you intend relocating, etc.
Please note that these agencies do not require payment. Make sure you don’t get scammed with fake recruiters.
This is a journey worth embarking on as it will make a lot of difference between remaining in Nigeria and becoming an international teacher in Dubai or any of the other six Emirates.

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