How To Activate First Bank USSD Transfer Code

This post will give you a clear description of how to activate your First Bank USSD Transfer code, create your PIN, transfer airtime among others.

How To Register For The First Bank Short Code *894#

Below are the steps to follow if you are registering your line for the first time

  1. On your mobile phone, dial *894#.
  2. Select your preferred ATM Card from the list of debit cards displayed
  3. Input the 4-digit PIN for the debit Card
  4. Choose a new 5-digit PIN

In case you are having difficulty using first bank ussd code, do not hesitate to send a mail to Alternatively, if that is not giving you the solution fast enough, you can visit the nearest branch of First Bank.

How To Create a PIN For First Bank Transfer Account

Inorder for you to be able to load airtime on your mobile number or transfer it to your friend and family using the First bank USSD code, you will have to create a 5-digit Personal Identity Number, PIN.

On your registered mobile line, dial *894*0#, and enter your preferred 5 digit number that you intend using as your PIN which you can easily remember. Once you do this, you are good to go.

How To Transfer Money Using First Bank Code

With First Bank transfer code, sending or transferring money from your account to another account is very easy and straight forward.

Use this format: *894*amount*account number#. The account number is that of the person you want to transfer the money to. Please take note of that.

First Bank USSD Code For Airtime Top Up

It is very easy to buy airtime if you have a First bank account. You dont need to be looking for card up and down. From the comfort of your house with your phone, simply dial *894*amount#. If you want to top up with 400 MTN airtime, dial *894*400#, and press the send key. Viola! Your account will be debited and your line will be recharged.

However, if you want to recharge line for other people, if it is slightly different.

Dial *894*amount*phone number#, send key. To recharge 400 airtime for your boyfriend who is using say, 08138439861, dial, *894*400*08138439861#, press the send key. You are good to go. Always make sure you have at least more that the amount you want to recharge in your account so that the recharge will be successful.

I hope you learnt one thing or the other on how to use First Bank USSD code. If yes, keep reading this blog. You can make your comment in the box below if you have any enquiry.

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