How Much is Jamb Form, 10k?

We have decided to compile these frequently asked questions such as ‘how much is jamb form’ and other others with regards to JAMB so that you can have it as a companion and resource as you prepare for JAMB 2021/2022 registration.

All latest JAMB news and updates, about the registration, timetable, exam date and deadline (closing date) are in this article.

How To Register For JAMB 2021/2022 Examination

In order for you to register for the exam you need to get your JAMB profile code.

After you have your 10 digits JAMB profile code, go to the bank to buy e-pin.

The JAMB e-pin is between three thousand five hundred naira and four thousand naira (₦3,500 – ₦4000).

You can easily purchase your JAMB e-pin at some banks like Diamond, Union bank, first bank, Stanbic bank, and other commercial banks in Nigeria

After getting your that you have your JAMB profile code and e-pin, go to an accredited CBT center for to register.

Note that not all CBT centers are endorsed.

Visit only accredited JAMB CBT centers.

You will need some important documents and things at the JAMB CBT center to finalize your registration.

They Include the following:

1. Your O level: This can either be WAEC, NECO, WASSCE Private, or NECO GCE

Never take any A level like NABTEB, Cambridge , or IJMB.

2. Your JAMB e-pin and profile code: Make sure that you have these two important things with you.

3. Money: You will surely need money to pay for some things during the online registration.

4. Your personal email address and phone number : You need to have the email address and phone number with you .

How To Create JAMB Profile Code

Just use your own phone if you want to get your JAMB profile code.

Just send full name (Surname, First name and middle name) to 55019.

For example if your name is Anamebom Bright, then send ‘Anamebom Bright’ as a text to 55019.

Fifty naira (₦50) will be subtracted from your credit balance on your mobile line.

Note that this will work regardless of your network provider whether MTN,Glo, Airtel or 9 Mobile.

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You will obtain a validation message from JAMB which will have your JAMB profile code.

Please don’t erase that message.

The registration date for the 2021 JAMB examination will commence in January 13, 2021.

JAMB form for 2021 is already on sales.

The registration may commence in December ending or in early January, nobody knows the exact date and time.

What you need to do now is to start reading your textbooks and also get JAMB past questions for the four subjects that you want to sit for in JAMB.

When Is JAMB 2021/2022 Registration Closing Date?

February 17 is the closing date for JAMB 2021/2022 registration.

JAMB registration will start by January 13.

When Are They Writing JAMB 2021/22 Exam Date

The exam date has been publicly made known and will not be altered.

The Exam will be conducted between March 14, 2021 and March 21, 2021 hopefully if corona virus pandemic subsides

Note that the mock exam will take place on February 18, 2021.

How Much is JAMB Form 2021/2022

The price of JAMB form for 2021 CBT is between four thousand naira  and six thousand naira (₦4,000 – ₦6,000).

You will be required to make payment for the registration, the e-pin and the novel.  The Novel may be free or not but prepare your mind for that amount.

Ensure you have your NIN and profile code at hand before you proceed to another step.  The NIN cannot be over emphasized as the government has make it clear that it will be a pre-requisitisite for JAMB candidates.

In case you registered for the mock exam, you are going to pay ₦700 on the day of your exam.

Take along with you, all the money that you are going to spend for the registration.  It is better to have more money than you will need than to take less than you need and be stranded.

How To Create Email To Register For JAMB

On your phone or computer google chrome, opera or internet explorer, whatever the browser you use, visit to generate your email address.

It is advisable to use your name for the email and which you can easily remember. If possible let the mail contain both first name and last name e.g  ‘Bright’ is the first name while ‘Anamebom’ is the last name.

Also I will advise that you use your mobile number for the email registrarion such that if you ever forget your password, password recovery will be easier.  It also helps you be in charge of the security of the account.

While there are other email providers like Yahoo, I will adivise that you stick to Gmail

Guidelines on JAMB 2021/22 Registration

It is paramount you have your JAMB subject combination at hand; your institution of choice in other of preference.

Never choose a course that you don’t have any idea about.

Select the right subject combination for your favorite course.

Make sure you do not lost any documents that you may need at the CBTcenter.

Not JAMB  profile code, not your JAMB e-pin not your O level either. If you have two of out this, it wont fly. You must have all the three documents intact.

You don’t need any passport or photo at the JAMB CBT center to register.

Biodata is one of the most important personal information needed for JAMB registration.

But some aspirant make the mistake of not being available while the registration is going on.

They give their details to people to register for them and even go as far as scanning passport.

Now some of you might be asking, what should I do while am being registered?

Yes, some aspirants are actually confused on what they should do, while the registration is going on.

You are expected to be present physically, mentally and psychologically.

While your data (your surname, name and other name, date of birth, email address, SSCE and type, subject combination, course and institution) are being inputted.

You are expected to open your eyes and pay attention to what the CBT registrar is inputting.

Your date of birth is very important.

You have to make sure it tallies with the one on your o level.

Don’t be changing your date of birth to appear younger or older.  It will have severe consequences.

Make sure your provide your correct name in the right other. Know which one is your First Name, Middle Name or Surname.

Ensure the registrar enters your name correctly. Insist to check your details before he submits it to the database.

Your email address is a very sensitive detail of yours. Ensure the right spelling. is not the same

A mistake of omission of a  letter can do much harm.

Can I Use Awaiting Result To Register For JAMB 2021

Yes, you can use an awaiting GCE, neco or WAEC Awaiting Result to register for JAMB exam.

Know that the Awaiting Result required for your JAMB is O level and not A level.

Also make sure that the Awaiting result to be used will come out in the same year you registered for JAMB.

In case the email address you used for the registration is not correct, you are left with two options.

1. Create the incorrect email address: Try to create an email address with the same spelling as the one you used.

If the email address is not available or has been created.

You are left with option two.

2. Pay money at the JAMB cbt center to change the email address.

You will be asked to pay between three and five thousand naira to change it.

After payment, it will be changed. But make sure that it is also correct.

Is JAMB Mock Exam Compulsory

No, the JAMB mock examination is actually not compulsory.

But I think it is necessary for JAMB candidates.

Jamb mock exam 2021/2022

Most candidates don’t know how the JAMB cbt is done.

The JAMB mock exam is just to test your knowledge and expose you to a demo of the real exam.

For example, if you have never sat for JAMB cbt before, you won’t know how it is done.

As I said before, it is not compulsory but necessary for candidates to register for JAMB mock.

It is very good for candidates  that are sitting for JAMB for their very first time.

You Forgot Your Email Password

If you lost the password of the email address that you used to register for JAMB, then you need to care about it.

The email that you used for your JAMB registration is very important.

If you can not login to the email, it may affect you.

That is why it is good to use gmail when creating an email address for JAMB registration.

You can easily reset or change your email password.

Open the gmail application or go to their official website.

Click on “forgot password”. It will bring a box for you to put your phone number.

After putting the phone number, a message will be sent to that number.

This message is from Google and will contain the code that you will use to change your email password.

When Will You Get My JAMB Examination Center

Getting your examination centre is also the same thing as reprinting your JAMB exam slip.

The slip will contain vital details like; exam time, JAMB exam centre, exam date, etcetera…

You are going to get your examination center some few weeks to the JAMB 2021/22 exam date.

When the reprinting date becomes officially by the board you will get alerted.

Put that code, change your email address password and you are good to go.

Can I Change My Institution & Course After Registration

Yes, you can change your choice of institution after registration.

You can only change your choice of institution and course after the examination have finished.

You cannot alter it once it is few days or some weeks after registration.

Just make sure you put the correct choice of institution and course.

Don’t choose a school that doesn’t offer your course or is not accredited. For example choosing to study aeronautical engineering in OAU.

Check the brochure to be sure of which school offers which course of study.

All these things are very important if you want to gain admission in 2021.

Don’t choose unaccredited universities, college of education or polytechnics in Nigeria.  And I tell you, there are more institutions of learning in Nigeria of today than we have students!

Can I Use The JAMB Profile Code Of Last Year

No, don’t use it to register in 2021.

You need to create a new JAMB profile code. Check the step to create it above.

I will also advise you to use a new phone number to create the UTME profile code for the registration.

But just make sure that the phone number is a personal one that you will always have access to.

This is only for candidates that registered for JAMB in 2020 and want to use the same profile code to register for the JAMB 2021/22.

It is very cheap and would only cost you fifty naira only (j₦50), don’t ignore this please.

How Can I You Correct My Name In JAMB

Sometimes people make the mistake of using misspelt or wrong names to register.

Avoid making this mistake, because it will cost you some money.

You can also correct your name on JAMB portal, but that will be only after exam.

Go to the CBT center that you registered for JAMB, and take at least ₦4,000 along.

How Do I Correct Errors in My O’Level Details

You can correct your o level details after the examination.

It is possible for you to change your o level details.

In case you made a mistake with your o level during the registration, then you need to change it.

Changing it to the correct one on JAMB portal will cost you some money (About ₦2,500 – ₦5,000).  Well it will also cost you time, so don’t make costly mistakes.

If there is an error and you ignored it, it will negatively affect your admission into your desired school.

I will say it again. Be careful with the details your supply. Pay attention to it and don’t be in a hurry.

How Will I Correct My Gender In JAMB

Correction of gender will also be done after the exam.

You will need to go back to the cbt center where you registered to correct it.

Note that you will need to take money along, it is not free.

This type of mistake is rare, but sometimes people use the wrong gender while registering.

I don’t know why a girl will use male as gender while registering for JAMB.

Conclusion On JAMB 2021/2022 Registration Form

All I am trying to say is open your eyes while registration is going on and don’t make mistakes.

I am so sure this article has made 2021 registration requirements simple enough for you.

It will be updated from time to time.

I encourage you to share this with your friends and colleagues who also will find it useful.

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