How Much is IELTS Exam in Nigeria?

This article will give you an information on how much is IELTS exam in Nigeria is and how you can budget and prepare for it

There are two bodies that conducts the test. Namely, British Council of UK and IDP of Australia. Each of this body conducts both Academic and General IELTS. The dates for the tests are usually published on their website. Usually, you are required to book ahead of your preferred date. While the tests take place almost every weekend in Lagos, it is usually conducted twice a month in other locations.
While you are on their websites, you will have to select the date most convenient for you.

IELTS Centres in Nigeria

On each company website, the detail description for each state’s centre is described. If you are in doubt make use of the chat button on their website and have a talk with their customer representative.

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There was a point there was a delay between when I sent IDP my evidence of payment and their responses. I had to use the chat bot on its website and luckily the response was satisfactory.

How Much Is IELTS Exam in Nigeria?

As at the writing of the article, cost of writing it is #75,000. However, British Council already make it known that it is going to increase it to #79,000.

I know the cost of writing this exam is usually a significant hurdle interested individuals have to overcome. In my opinion, a strategy that is effective for this is to save towards it rather than waiting to have the money in bulk. You can save 20k monthly and in 4 months, you can write the exam. So while you are saving, you are also actively preparing.

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