Canada Immigration Requirements You Need To Migrate

As much as possible this post will help you get your immigration process started and clearly show you Canada immigration requirements.

To immigrate to Canada, we have many routes to achieve this objective but I will be considering the Federal Skilled Worker route under the Express Entry(EE).

Before embarking on this journey, you must have the 3Ps (Prepare, Patience & Perseverance) and the greatest of all is God’s direction.

Get all your documents and that of your family members ready as EE is truly express (ITA to COPR is within 1-6 months as against the old system under FSW that took several months to be completed).

Step 1-Read the background to Canadian immigration at

Click English/French whichever is applicable to you. Next click on immigrate.

Step 2-Visit British Council in order to write the English language requirement for the program which is IELTS General training.

This can be done online or visit them at their centre or you write the French Language test (TEF) at Alliance Francais.

Note 1.if you are married, it is strongly encouraged that both spouse should write the language test.

Note 2.The minimum score set by IRCC is Listening 6, Writing 6, Reading 6 & Speaking 6.

But from my personal findings, the target score for the Principal Applicant(PA) should be L8, W7, R7 & S7 but greater score will be more beneficial (L8.5, W7.5, R8 & S7.5). This score is achievable please.

Note 3.You can boost your points if you can write the French language (TEF) if you wish to but it is not compulsory

Note 4.You must prepare well for the language assessment. Don’t stop pushing till you get the desire score

Go to for practice tests

Step 3-You must have your education credential assessed by authorized Canadian body.

Designed organizations for ECAs are CES, ICAS, WES, IQAS, and ICES (For all professions except medicine & Pharmacy).

MCC for Doctors and PEBC for Pharmacists

Note 1.For Education Credential Assessment(ECA),It is encouraged that the Principal Applicant (PA) & Spouse evaluate their educational credentials

Note 2.You must evaluate all your academic credentials but if you’re struggling to get all of them sent to the evaluating body, go ahead and evaluate your highest level of education.

Note 3.Do your transcript runs with your Nigerian institutions yourself pls.

Note 4.ECA reports take minimum of 6-8weeks to be delivered to you and could also take several months if you are not proactive.

Steps 1-3 are the directional compass to start your journey. Without these steps you can’t start the process.

Step 4.Gather all your docs like IELTS test report, ECA, Job related doc, Proof of funds, Birth Cert etc.

Step 5.Be ready to go into the Express Entry pool via CIC. Here we have 3 subclasses

1.Direct route based on high CRS Points (You can stay anywhere in Canada)


2.Nomination by Province (PNP)

3.Job offer

For 1 above

Conditions-Age is on your side (18-35), Master’s degree, At least 3-6years work experience, Single/Married & above all very outstanding IELTS Score (L8.5, W7.5, R8 & S7.5). With these conditions you can get into the pool with above 400 CRS Points.

For 2 above

PNP is when a province nominate you and this could be achieved regardless of your age.

When you are nominated, you will have 600 points and this will be linked to your existing CRS points. With this you will have CRS point of over 800 out of 1,200.

You must visit the province websites all the time to know when their nomination is available.

For 3 above

Go online and start applying for jobs in Canada. If you have a job offer (LMIA authorized) you will be credited with 200 points for managerial job (skill level 0) and 50 points for skilled level A, B or C.

Step 6.If you are selected in the pool, expect Invitation To Apply (ITA) from IRCC. You must either accept or decline the ITA within 90 days.

Step 7.If you accept the ITA, go for upfront Medicals at any of the designated medical centres in Nigeria and be ready to upload all your supporting documents online via CIC.

Step 8.Expect your Confirmation of Permanent Residence (COPR) within 1-6 months if all background, security & criminality checks are marked satisfactory to IRCC.

Step 9.Land in Canada to become Permanent Resident (PR)

Note: No 2 applications are the same.

Mr A might be very fast and Mr B could take several months so just ensure you are simple and straight forward in your packaging.

Good luck to you all
And for those that have low Express entry point, all hope is not lost please feel free to check the link below for the various provinces. The following links can help us know more about provinces of choice;

1) Alberta


Manitoba, Canada

3)British Columbia

4) The Newfoundland and Labrador

5) Northwest Territories

6) Nova Scotia



8)Prince Edward Island



Link to creating a gckey for my CIC account.

Quebec link


AOR – Acknowledgement of Receipt
AOR Acknowledgement of receipt letter.
AVO – Accra Visa Office
BDEC Background Decision
CC Credit Card
CHC Canadian High Commission – refers to the Canadian embassies, Visa offices, and Consulates.
CIC Citizenship and Immigration, Canada – the umbrella body which governs both CIO and local CHC offices
CIO Centralized Intake Office in Sydney Nova scotia – where you sent your application. Sometimes it is mentioned as CIU (Centralized Intake Unit).
COPR – Confirmation of Permanent Residence
CRS – Comprehensive Ranking System
DD Demand Draft (Bank Draft / Certified Cheque / Money Order)
ECA Educational Credential Assessment
ECAS Client Application Status, an official CIC service which allows to view the status of your application on-line
EE – Express Entry
FD Fixed Deposit
FILE BF’D TO File Brought Forward date
FINDEC Financial Decision
FOSS is a central database of applications
FSW – Federal Skill Worker
GCMS Global Case Management System
IMMCAT Immigration Category
ITA – Invitation To Apply

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